Designer Series

Architecturally styled, high performance window and door systems





Designer Series windows and doors are architecturally inspired, featuring a 102mm frame and bold sash designs to give a clean, striking aesthetic. These systems are designed to offer superior performance characteristics ideal for high-end residential applications. The strong frame and sash profiles enable you to achieve larger openings, support heavier glass panels and create windows free of transoms for an unobstructed view.

Designer Series systems combine contemporary aesthetics with superior performance offering excellent strength, very low air infiltration and high water resistance.



Series 525 LouvreMASTER™ Adjustable Louvres
Series 546 Bi-fold Window
Series 548 High Performance Bi-fold Door
Series 548 High Performance Hinged Door
Series 601 MAGNUM™ Sliding Window
Series 602 MAGNUM™ Sliding Window
Series 613 MAGNUM™ Double Hung Window
Series 614 ClearVENT™ Double Hung Window
Series 616 MAGNUM™ Awning Window
Series 618 MAGNUM™ Sliding Door